Good Morning

Hi everyone. I’m really sorry about the pace of posting things lately – I went from a reasonably cushy government contracting job to unemployment and now to a new job in the video gaming industry. I’m really pleased to be here and it’s a great opportunity, but the pace is just blistering my ass; I’m laying down 60+ hours a week with a really long commute on top of it. In some ways, I suppose I’m living a much more ordinary and less charmed working life than I was at the start of the year. I’m certainly beginning to see the appeal of handheld gaming in a way that wasn’t as obvious when my commute was a ten-minute drive.

I’m going to continue writing posts as I’m able, but the length and tone of them may have to change to suit the amount of time I can give to the site. Hopefully we can still have a lot of fun blathering about games and such.


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