Film Century 1.5 – A New Hope

Aug. 2 Crimes and Misdemeanors – The films of Woody Allen would like to remind you that while he has been an utter bastard to all of his wives, at least he never paid anyone to kill any of them, right? 79/150
Aug. 3 Tsotsi – Life is hard; how hard has it made you? 80/150
Aug. 6 Kill! (1968) – A fun, if occasionally grim cross between Yojimbo and Lethal Weapon. 81/150
Aug. 9 (500) Days of Summer – Set your watch by it: the corporate media will always copy the stylistic tics of the popular underground and shy away from the really meaningful ideas underneath them. 82/150
Aug. 10 The Ramen Girl – It’s been sort of terrifying these last few years watching Brittany Murphy ripen into the next vessel for Joan Rivers’ brain. 83/150
Aug. 11 Terminator Salvation – And why not, honestly, when we recall that the boring, bland, deluded, faceless, messianic machine-fighting dirtballs were the best part of the last two Matrix movies? 84/150

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