Chat Box – On Diversions

Sig Fem Seks: Oh wow, I forgot how excited I am about Destiny
Sig Fem Seks: aka Halolands
Sonic Rob: you forgot that you were not excited?
Sig Fem Seks: I forgot that I really want to play it
Sig Fem Seks: and that it exists
Sonic Rob: um
Sonic Rob: oh
Sig Fem Seks: There’s a new video out for it that I’ll need to watch at some point
Sig Fem Seks: but they’re basically talking about the MMO aspects of “All the stuff you can do when you don’t really want to do anything.”
Sig Fem Seks: Which is one thing I felt that Borderlands lacked
Sonic Rob: well, Borderlands is about shoot n loot
Sig Fem Seks: Sure
Sig Fem Seks: it’s like Diablo in that way
Sonic Rob: they don’t really water it down with crafting or anything like that
Sonic Rob: I guess my attitude is “If I don’t want to do the main thing in this game, I’ll be not playing the game”, not “I want this game to have something for me to do no matter what I feel like”
Sig Fem Seks: That’s a fair point
Sonic Rob: which is why GTA 5 maybe doesn’t excite me, now that I think of it
Sig Fem Seks: Well, the missions are the meat of that game
Sig Fem Seks: You don’t have to do anything else
Sonic Rob: I just can’t see myself thinking “man, I really like the avatar I use to steal cars and shoot stuff. I wish I could make him play golf.”

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