Chat Box – Mother’s Day

FyreHaar: also
FyreHaar: really got into Ass Creed Brotherhood this weekend
FyreHaar: I suddenly remembered: I love stabbing people in the neck!
FyreHaar: I also really like the 100% conditions
FyreHaar: and replaying to get it
SonicRob: yeah
SonicRob: you can do it the easy way or the hard way
FyreHaar: it ups the challenge at your discretion
FyreHaar: in discrete bits
SonicRob: yerp
FyreHaar: well for the mazes with the wolf dudes
SonicRob: and you can always go back and redo stuff
FyreHaar: the first time through I’m getting the chests and the flags
FyreHaar: later I’ll do speed runs
SonicRob: oh man, the Romulus temples are a pain
FyreHaar: I enjoy them
SonicRob: they are the new Templar lair
SonicRob: psst do them all ASAP
FyreHaar: good swag?
SonicRob: so good
FyreHaar: nice…
FyreHaar: dude, I am digging this game hard
FyreHaar: but I played it on Mother’s Day
SonicRob: yeah, I spent a hard month just playing nothing else
SonicRob: you can do
SonicRob: a lot
SonicRob: the city building goes on much longer
FyreHaar: and I want to talk to her about it so much
SonicRob: you can
FyreHaar: I want her to answer back!
SonicRob: well that’s asking a lot
FyreHaar: Ass Creed II made me weep with frustration because I wanted to know what she thought
FyreHaar: I think she would like it
FyreHaar: but also be snarky about what they get wrong

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