Chat Box – Art imitates life, the bastard

FyreHaar: dude
FyreHaar: fucking BattleStarGalactica

SonicRob: heheheh
SonicRob: where are you?

FyreHaar: pres Roslin was close to death
FyreHaar: and she’s saying goodbye
FyreHaar: and there’s all this love and bittersweetness
FyreHaar: I’m still crying

SonicRob: yeahhhh
FyreHaar: I couldn’t sleep after that for hours
FyreHaar: she’s our mother
FyreHaar: I had to pause the fucking show and just sit there and sob
FyreHaar: I’m losing my shit at work
FyreHaar: fucking quality TV
FyreHaar: how dare they?

SonicRob: awwww

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