Chat Box

FyreHaar: I think every person should be issued a copy of the first silverchair album on their 14th birthday
Sonic Rob: That was your personal soundtrack for a summer, wasn’t it?
Sonic Rob: while you were working in a library or something?
FyreHaar: OPS music department
FyreHaar: with Superunknown
FyreHaar: both of which I borrowed from you
Sonic Rob: oh man, Superunknown was a great one too
Sonic Rob: but that’s more for when you’re 16
FyreHaar: I was
FyreHaar: Like albums I’m going to surreptitiously load onto my child’s mp3 player
FyreHaar: so it’ll shuffle through them
FyreHaar: and then they’ll be like, what is this!!
Sonic Rob: you can play those albums up against your womb, and then later on when your kid hears them they’ll find them strangely comforting and familiar…
FyreHaar: ha!!
FyreHaar: totally
Sonic Rob: or they’ll be born deaf
FyreHaar: eep!

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