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Sonic Rob:
Sonic Rob: guy complains about nerds tearing apart the “Space Marine looks like Gears” guy
Sonic Rob: nerds promptly tear the new guy apart as well
FyreHaar: dude, seriously
FyreHaar: take your beating and go home
FyreHaar: gamers don’t love to be right
FyreHaar: they love to prove you wrong
Sonic Rob: ha
FyreHaar: and especially when you are so demonstrably incorrect
FyreHaar: you are gonna get jumped on
Sonic Rob: I really think it’s somehow related to console wars
Sonic Rob: people get really invested in things
FyreHaar: “This sad affair says more about gamers than it does about Dean Takahashi’s journalistic chops.”
FyreHaar: really?
FyreHaar: That he has none
FyreHaar: or that he decided to be lazy and got fucked for it?
Sonic Rob: see, that’s the thing
Sonic Rob: he’s written good articles before
Sonic Rob: I really feel like this was some sort of strange mental hiccup
Sonic Rob: maybe he had to fill in for someone
Sonic Rob: maybe he needed pageviews and decided to stir up some shit
FyreHaar: his one valid point
FyreHaar: “…skepticism that Relic Entertainment, a developer of real-time strategy games, can deliver combat (or narrative, for that matter) as well as Epic can.”
FyreHaar: and it’s speculation
FyreHaar: really he was trying to say
FyreHaar: “I wonder if Relic’s FPS/slasher will be of comparable quality to Epic’s”
Sonic Rob: kek, if they were ripping off Gears it’d be no problem, Gears is good
FyreHaar: that’s his only real point and he fleshed out his inches
FyreHaar: with stupid shit that got him flamed for being a dumbass
Sonic Rob: yeah, it was when he got into the question of themes and fluff that things got gross
FyreHaar: the reply dude doesn’t get it
FyreHaar: “He doesn’t know that Warhammer 40k has special claim to the space marine — a free pass among geeks for carrying the space marine torch passed along by Starship Troopers and Aliens.”
FyreHaar: the answer to this is
FyreHaar: Yes, it does because they were one of the first
FyreHaar: and definitely the first to bring the term and the concept into the gaming space
FyreHaar: so everyone else is copying them
FyreHaar: it’s like calling Tolkien out for using trolls and orks
Sonic Rob: see, I always thought geeks loved 40K because it was basically heavy metal, and every geek has a hesher inside of him
Sonic Rob: so 40K is like Iron Maiden, and Gear of War is Linkin Park
FyreHaar: oh god
FyreHaar: amazing analogy there
FyreHaar: scope
FyreHaar: also
FyreHaar: he’s going way too wide in his space
FyreHaar: these people aren’t judging games journos as a whole
FyreHaar: just this one lazy dude
Sonic Rob: yeah, I think you’re right; he had an interesting nugget of speculative questioning, but not enough to fill an actual column
Sonic Rob: so it spun out of control in the quest for inches
FyreHaar: “(and c’mon, didn’t you roll your eyes even a little when you saw that the game was actually called “Space Marine”)”
FyreHaar: actually bra, no
FyreHaar: I was questioning
FyreHaar: but really that game could be amazing
FyreHaar: if it truly brings you a feeling of being a space marine
FyreHaar: a 10 foot 1 ton war machine
FyreHaar: a man shaped tank
Sonic Rob: The title is to the point and all
FyreHaar: yeah
FyreHaar: it’s a bold statement
Sonic Rob: but I am gonna side with those who maybe would like something a little more…
Sonic Rob: evocative?
Sonic Rob: grand?
Sonic Rob: I mean, what if Assassin’s Creed was just called “Assassin”?
Sonic Rob: it loses something
FyreHaar: true but you’re not just an assassin
FyreHaar: it’s about developing out of that and becoming more
Sonic Rob: ok do you hope for that with Space Marine?
FyreHaar: Not really
Sonic Rob: =(
FyreHaar: well, I hope for space marine like development
FyreHaar: not assassin’s creed type developments
FyreHaar: when a space marine develops
FyreHaar: he becomes a better space marine
FyreHaar: or a chaos marine
Sonic Rob: honestly, AC and SM developments don’t have to be that different. 40K has all kinds of crazy secrets and plots
FyreHaar: that is true!

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