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FyreHaar: I experimented last night
FyreHaar: I sang along to “That’s What You Get” and I turned Audacity on to record myself
FyreHaar: My voice is out of shape dude

SonicRob: yeah?
SonicRob: it is scary to hear yourself without the song

FyreHaar: that’s why I did it
FyreHaar: reality check

SonicRob: sure
SonicRob: well, you do not sing like the original singer
SonicRob: do your own style

FyreHaar: it wasn’t super horrible
FyreHaar: yeah I need to stop trying to sing like her
FyreHaar: I am done with puberty

SonicRob: ha
FyreHaar: and trying to sing like a little girl just sounds stupid
SonicRob: yeah, you need to get all Fyre on that shit
FyreHaar: right?
FyreHaar: well I need to fully memorize the words and tune
FyreHaar: and then drop an octave

SonicRob: heh

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