Chat Box

Sonic Rob: dude
Sonic Rob: when are you coming over for some rock band?
Sonic Rob: there are so many good songs we didn’t get to yet
Sonic Rob: Cheap Trick
Sonic Rob: Jimmy Eat World
Sonic Rob: Bikini Kill
Sonic Rob: The Libyans
FyreHaar: I thought JEW was only guitar hero?
Sonic Rob: Bleed American is
Sonic Rob: RB2 has The Middle
Sonic Rob: which is quite fun
FyreHaar: coo
FyreHaar: It’s gonna be a bit
FyreHaar: maybe next week
Sonic Rob: =(
Sonic Rob: tonight!
FyreHaar: I am working out!
Sonic Rob: Rock Band is a workout!
Sonic Rob: I cannot play it with pants on!
FyreHaar: I don’t think we should play that together then

2 thoughts on “Chat Box”

  1. It’s pretty awesome coming home to a half-naked man playing a fake guitar…but I can see how it would be weird if that man were your brother.

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