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Sonic Rob: we have found a microscopic animal
Sonic Rob: the water bear
Sonic Rob: it is resilient, difficult to destroy
Sonic Rob: which is to say it can’t die of old age
FyreHaar: that is possible
FyreHaar: if the cells renew themselves and replace themselves
Sonic Rob: it is in fact real
Sonic Rob: the fucked part is
Sonic Rob: what are we doing with them?
Sonic Rob: the Russians are fucking launching them to one of the moons of mars
Sonic Rob: to try and test the theory of panspermia
FyreHaar: ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
FyreHaar: their culture will destroy ours in a million years
Sonic Rob: for REAL
Sonic Rob: they are FUCKING IMMORTAL
Sonic Rob: some day our space bear children will return
FyreHaar: they will fuck us to take back the earth and gain revenge for our banishing them
FyreHaar: it could be good times
Sonic Rob: uh
Sonic Rob: no
Sonic Rob: having your angry, better-evolved child species return from space to destroy you is never good
FyreHaar: it could be kind of a litmus for human colonization
FyreHaar: first step
FyreHaar: do the water bears die?
FyreHaar: no?
FyreHaar: okay
FyreHaar: send the chickens
Sonic Rob: chickens are not biologically immortal
Sonic Rob: they are biologically tasty
FyreHaar: mmm
Sonic Rob: oh man
Sonic Rob: what if earth was populated by some retard species on another planet, to see if their theory of panspermia was real?
Sonic Rob: they loaded a rocket up with sea monkeys and launched it here

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