Chat Box

SonicRob: does history have a “plot”?
FyreHaar: good books do
FyreHaar: Plot is just the story arc
FyreHaar: and the civil war is a pretty damn good one

SonicRob: plot is the imposition of illusory order upon the chaos of reality. it is the most fundamental way in which human beings fool themselves about the nature of existence
SonicRob: not that we have a choice
SonicRob: we turn everything into narrative
SonicRob: our minds just work that way

FyreHaar: are you saying that plot is an aspect of the gestalt mechanism of the human psyche?
SonicRob: like we are seeing bunnies in a cloud
FyreHaar: our inbuilt pattern recognition firmware
SonicRob: yes
FyreHaar: well, yeah
FyreHaar: ohh, I see a bunny in the sky…

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