Chat Box

SonicRob: 2 kinds of predators!
SonicRob: ork weirdboyz!
SonicRob: ahhhhh!!!!

FyreHaar: yay!!
SonicRob: oh fuck
FyreHaar: ??
SonicRob: each chaos leader is devoted to a different god
SonicRob: just like we said!

FyreHaar: just like we said!!!
SonicRob: yay us!
FyreHaar: yay relic loves us!!!!!
SonicRob: they are on our wavelength
FyreHaar: I asked for chaos in our first podcast
FyreHaar: we talked about the different gods

SonicRob: new multi mode
SonicRob: no team
FyreHaar: maybe they read our blog?
SonicRob: 6 individuals
FyreHaar: ffa???
SonicRob: ayup
FyreHaar: awesome sauceum
SonicRob: VPs count up instead of down
SonicRob: and you can destroy the VPs

FyreHaar: whoa!
SonicRob: there’s a fuck you
FyreHaar: for real
FyreHaar: can you fix it?

SonicRob: it costs, but yes
SonicRob: I still can’t believe it’s fucking Eliphas

FyreHaar: well in canon he survives Kaurava
FyreHaar: oh wait
FyreHaar: sorry that’s Firaveus

SonicRob: Kronos
SonicRob: he dies

FyreHaar: he really dies, bad
SonicRob: yeah
FyreHaar: like cast into the void
SonicRob: well, that’s chaos for ya
SonicRob: he was the only leader with a sense of humor

FyreHaar: yeah
FyreHaar: sexy voice, too

SonicRob: I wouldn’t know =P

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