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Sonic Rob: Jim Sterling raises an interesting point
FyreHaar: he has a good point
FyreHaar: we go on and on about not comparing movies to the books they are based on because the media are so different
FyreHaar: shouldn’t the same be said for movies and video games?
FyreHaar: A short video game is 10 hours
FyreHaar: a ferociously long movie is four hours
FyreHaar: even accounting for fail states and learning curves
FyreHaar: a movie is never going to have the potential for in-depth story telling that a video game does
FyreHaar: and interactivity is the true video game art form
FyreHaar: we are never going to be able to tell the people in the movie what we want them to do
FyreHaar: to feel that intensely personal stake in their actions
FyreHaar: as we do with our RPG characters
FyreHaar: or the idea of playing a game over and over and manipulating the outcomes to see how much depth has been programmed in for us to explore.
FyreHaar: I mean, think about that
FyreHaar: something like DragonAge where they put in all these possible futures
FyreHaar: just in case you want to go there someday
FyreHaar: to see what would happen
FyreHaar: that is so much effort and care about the experience
FyreHaar: a movie is a rail shooter
Sonic Rob: When I see a game that is promising movie levels of “cinematicness”, I don’t feel like it’s a criticism of games
Sonic Rob: I think it’s a criticism of movies, you know?
Sonic Rob: that they are somehow unsatisfying
FyreHaar: I think it’s a camera movement style
FyreHaar: I think it just means they are trying to make it look and feel like a movie
Sonic Rob: a “cinematic game” is a movie with interactivity
Sonic Rob: not a game with lots of cutscenes
FyreHaar: purely stylistic
Sonic Rob: I disagree
Sonic Rob: I think it’s a lot more fundamental
Sonic Rob: hideo kojima doesn’t really care about gameplay much
Sonic Rob: he wants to make a movie
FyreHaar: a really, really long movie
FyreHaar: that he justifies the length of with action bits that other people make for him
Sonic Rob: that is a beard
Sonic Rob: a fig leaf
FyreHaar: for real
FyreHaar: because if there were no game, it would just be another eight season long anime series where the plot is indecipherable to westerners
FyreHaar: and no one would think he was a genius

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