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Sonic Rob:
Sonic Rob: science faiiiiiiiiiil
Sonic Rob: Aggressive kids have M-rated games. Do the games make kids aggressive? Do aggressive kids like violent games?
Sonic Rob: who can say?
Sonic Rob: certainly not these tards
FyreHaar: try this
FyreHaar: bullies are more likely to buy M-Rated games
FyreHaar: no one thinks of the other direction
FyreHaar: that someone who is already prone to violent behavior is more likely to want a game that includes graphic violence
FyreHaar: not the other way around
Sonic Rob: even if it did say that, someone would start waving it in front of Congress, saying games make kids crazy
Sonic Rob: nobody would read it
FyreHaar: why does no one stand up and say “Parents are role models for their children”
FyreHaar: “Parents are the greatest teacher, their behavior shows children how to behave”
Sonic Rob: because the parents are the audience for this crap
FyreHaar: they want to know that it’s not their fault
FyreHaar: if Jimmy gets in a fight
Sonic Rob: EXACTLY
FyreHaar: they want to be absolved of blame if their kids don’t turn out
FyreHaar: Well, sorry everyone, but you are the reason!
FyreHaar: you know why I am smart? Cuz my parents emphasized education and intelligence,
FyreHaar: there were consistent in the application of rules
FyreHaar: they provided good examples of behavior
FyreHaar: seeks to ban children’s access to “violent” videogames
FyreHaar: the fact is kids don’t buy these games, they get their parents to buy them
FyreHaar: and if parents won’t refuse to buy them and remove them if they are brought into the house, then there will still always be kids who get violent games
FyreHaar: same with R-Rated movies, porn, whatever

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