Bioshock – Completionfest ’10

Bioshock, complete. I saved all of the Little Sisters and got the “Family” ending.  So nice, so pretty. Do I go back and slaughter them wholesale to see the alternate ending?

Probably not, Bioshock 2 awaits!

2 thoughts on “Bioshock – Completionfest ’10”

  1. And what about when you neither save, nor kill ?

    I thought the final boss fight was epically lame. The rest of the game was good fun though!

  2. Well, I wanted the ADAM, so I had to save or kill. The final boss fight was pretty easy and didn’t involve any real puzzles or problem solving. It was so straightforward as to be disappointing. Also I have just come off of God of War III and Assassin’s Creed II and both of those had multifaceted final boss fights.

    Fontaine went down like a bitch.

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