Chat Box

SonicRob: I’ve always thought weapons are kinda cool
SonicRob: I like when they are functional and elegant
SonicRob: like Code Monkey’s login page
SonicRob: but you know, it is just never cool to share them
SonicRob: nobody looks cool on facebook with a picture of them holding a sword
SonicRob: or a gun
SonicRob: anyone holding a weapon who isn’t literally using it to defend their life looks like a fucking dork
FyreHaar: or to legitimately practice with it
FyreHaar: like a sport
FyreHaar: or fitness
SonicRob: I’m thinking on terms of posing
FyreHaar: don’t post a pic of you stroking your long sword
SonicRob: actually, all posing is dumb

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