Waiting For the Gate to Open


It’s kind of sad, but even with all the online matches I’ve played by now, I still get butterflies in my stomach right before my first match of the day. I’ve played a jillion WoW battlefield matches, I’m getting pretty confident in my DoW2 play, and that first loading screen always feels like I’ve been called up to present my book report. Win or lose, the feeling goes away after a match, usually during the first match once I’ve gotten a few orders off, but til then I’m a sweaty-palmed wreck.

What the hell, Fyre? Does this ever go away? Or am I just some sort of congenital foie blanc?


One thought on “Waiting For the Gate to Open”

  1. You know me, I’m a berserker!

    But I do still get widgy sometimes. When I get nervous isn’t the first game. It’s if I have been losing lately and I feel like I will lose again. Then I get a knot in my stomach, my rhythm is distupted and I have to work at playing well.

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