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Sonic Rob: btw, we may have to start a minor internet war with destructoid
Sonic Rob: they have come out against pie in favor of cake
Sonic Rob: they have called pie “an excuse to make you eat fruit”
Sonic Rob: whereas cake is lauded for its hedonistic and total lack of nutritional value
Sonic Rob: they have obviously never heard of fructose
FyreHaar: fuck cake
FyreHaar: cake is for fatties

We’re In Yr Society, Alterin Yr Culture [Updated]

One of the trends I’ve found most interesting in the last few years has been the proliferation of what can only be called nerd weddings. There have always been those dorks who got all gussied up in their RenFaiyre finest and Spock ears to go get hitched Tolkien-style in the woods (or at GenCon), but dork nuptials have hit the mainstream in an undeniable fashion complete with giant white dresses, buzzing swarms of photographers and caterers, fancy locations, and federal bailout levels of expense . Nowhere is this more apparent than in the burgeoning demand for shatteringly geeky wedding cakes, “no really, made by a real baker with real fondant and everything” ziggurats of matrimonial pastry. Without further ado, three awesome, highly nerdy wedding cakes:

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FyreHaar: have you ever done Brazilian BBQ?
FyreHaar: it’s intense
Sonic Rob: “done” it?
Sonic Rob: what, is BBQ a martial art down there?
FyreHaar: oh dude!
FyreHaar: men come to you with grilled meat on swords
FyreHaar: they are roving meatmongers
Sonic Rob: whoa
Sonic Rob: that is some intense dining right there
FyreHaar: there is a salad bar
FyreHaar: ignore it
FyreHaar: you have to prepare
FyreHaar: mentally
FyreHaar: oh, I wasn’t ready when I did it with the Mans in Chicago
FyreHaar: Leatherman acquitted himself well
FyreHaar: it’s crazy
FyreHaar: just    so     meaty!!!
FyreHaar: very orky as well, now that I think about it
Sonic Rob: your food arrives on a weapon
FyreHaar: oi, cut me some of that!!!
FyreHaar: they just cut you a bit and carry on roving with their meat stick
FyreHaar: parmesan crusted porkchop
FyreHaar: crazy rich
Sonic Rob: yow
FyreHaar: yeah
FyreHaar: like I said you need to prepare
FyreHaar: I’m in training for this shit
Sonic Rob: srsly
FyreHaar: I’m actually gonna skip bootcamp for a night
Sonic Rob: train by eating 1/4 pound of raw cheese every day
FyreHaar: with four raw eggs
FyreHaar: and then cement powder
FyreHaar: get used to dealing with a brick in your stomach